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English Department


English is the native language of about 400 million people; the same number of people speaks English as a second language. About 750 million people study English as a foreign language.

Why learn English?

  • It is a language that enables you to study abroad.
  • It is a language that will help you find a good job.
  • It is the language of research and development.
  • It is the language of the Internet, computers and modern technologies.
  • It is the language of airports, travelling, sport, popular music and advertisement.

The Institute of Applied Language Studies offers courses in general and vocational English.


You can choose a course to suit your level of knowledge. If you want to choose the right course, but you aren‘t sure of your level, go to the Placement Test.

Are you out of credits, but would like to study English anyway? Do not hesitate: you can choose from many paid Lifelong Education Courses at UJP.

Basic information about the offered courses and course requirements can be found on Courseware.