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Department of Romance Languages and Latin


¡Hola, qué tal!

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and the number of Spanish-speaking people is increasing in other countries too, e.g. in the USA and Brazil.

After English, Spanish is the second most common language of the world media and Internet. It is an important means of international communication (e.g. an official language of the UN).

Knowledge of Spanish:

  • Opens a large area with a rich cultural heritage
  • Enables you to read  works of world literature in the original
  • Provides information from various historical periods as well as recent events
  • Improves your chances on the job market, especially in business, the car industry and the travel sector
  • Helps you to learn more about the cultures, habits and characteristics of the inhabitants of Spain and Latin America

Based on your knowledge, you can choose from various levels of courses, which will help you improve your Spanish.


Bonjour à tous ! Salut ! Coucou !

Join us to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world!

  • Get to know the language of a country that is said to have everything – sea, mountains, great cities, turbulent history, rich culture, excellent cuisine ….. and all these things are only part of the beautiful mosaic that is France.
  • France, it is not only wine, cheese and baguettes.
  • Get to know France, as it is a country that will truly “grow on you.”
  • France offers many experiences and interesting encounters. Speak to the French in their language and find out what they are really like!
  • To speak means to understand, to understand means to comprehend…..
  • To speak French means to live a bit ´a la française´.

Don´t worry. French is not so difficult. With our help, you will soon be using it.



Sea, sun, pizza, spaghetti and ….. a beautiful language. Enrol in Italian language and culture courses.

  • You will learn to communicate, comprehend written and oral language, write in Italian, and you will learn the basics of Italian culture.
  • You will work with materials in Italian right from the start of the course. Gradually, you will be able to watch Italian TV, read Italian books, newspapers and magazines, correspond with Italian friends and make phone calls in Italian (on your own).
  • Italian courses are suitable as preparatory courses for the Erasmus student mobility programmes that are provided by individual faculties of UWB.


SURSUM CORDA or ´Lift up your hearts´:-)

  • It is the so-called ´English of the Middle Ages´; it is the language of ancient literature.
  • Latin legal terms are still used and often quoted,  such as "ignorantia non excusat" (ignorance of the law does not excuse one).
  • With some knowledge of Latin you will improve your writing style and vocabulary not only in Czech, but in other foreign languages.

According to your level of ability, you can choose courses that suit you best. If you want to choose the right level course, go to the Placement Test.

Are you out of credits, but would like to study Latin anyway? Do not hesitate: you can choose from many paid Lifelong Education courses at UJP.

Basic information about the courses offered and course requirements can be found on Courseware.