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Department of Slavic Languages


Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья!

Not able to communicate in Russian?  We will help you. Come and study Russian with us.

  • You can learn another Slavic language along with a new alphabet so that you can read more than just the greeting on our webpage’s title.
  • You will be able to read Russian websites, newspapers and magazines, as well as a wide range of specialist literature on politics, law, history, technology, etc.  You will be able to use Russian web pages without encountering a language barrier.
  • Czech companies are expanding to the Ukraine, Belarus and further to the East, where the primary language of communication is Russian.
  • Speaking Russian will increase your chances of finding an interesting job. Many employers are now looking for specialists with a good knowledge of Russian, mainly in industry, legal services, telecommunication, education, etc.
  • Russian is becoming increasingly useful in tourism; both in Russian-speaking destinations, which are becoming increasingly popular among Czech tourists, and in other places, where a dramatic increase in Russian clientele is taking place.
  • Travel to the largest country in the world – visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, the Altai Mountains and other amazing places in Russia – without encountering a language barrier.

Czech for Foreigners 


Are you a university student?
Would you like to get a good job?
Would you like to make new friends and learn more about local culture?
Would you like to get a good foundation that will help you study other Slavic languages?

Learn how to speak Czech well!

  • Learn more about Czech traditions.
  • You will learn how to prepare dumplings and on what occasions Czechs bake gingerbread and other pastries.
  • You will fall in love with more than two thousand Czech castles and chateaux.
  • You will encounter the living history of Central Europe while visiting several historical music and dance festivals.
  • You will grow to understand the Czechs‘ love for gathering at their local pub better.
  • You will become fascinated by hockey and football, decathlon, skiing, and figure skating.
  • You might even start getting Czech jokes and our peculiar sense of humour.

You might also begin thinking and living in Czech...

You can choose a course to suit your level of knowledge. If you want to choose the right course, but you aren‘t sure of your level, go to the Placement Test.

Are you out of credits, but would like to study Czech anyway? Do not hesitate: you can choose from many paid Life-Long Education Courses at UJP.

Basic information about the courses offered and course requirements can be found on Courseware.