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Russian Centre

Univerzitní 22, 306 14 Plzeň
Campus of  the University of West Bohemia, Plzeň-Bory
Building of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Applied Language Studies
3rd floor, UU 308

The Russian Centre was opened to the public the on 12 December 2012 at the Institute of Applied Language Studies, University of West Bohemia. The Russian Centre is an international educational and cultural project supported by the “Russkiy Mir Foundation” (russkiymir.ru).

The Russian Centre offers the general public, professionals, university students and pupils from primary and secondary schools in the Pilsen region a wide range of possibilities to become acquainted with Russian language and culture. The main activities of the Russian Centre are:

  • Educational (courses, lectures, seminars aimed at all categories of visitors)
  • Informational (access to a wide range of information)
  • Creative (organizing of scientific, artistic and cultural programmes and meetings)
  • Communicative (cooperation with other Russian centres and deepening of intercultural contacts)
  • Projects (implementation of projects and grants supporting the international mobility of students and academic staff; projects and grants to enhance the quality of Russian language teaching)