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Communication of Scientific Research

Summer school of Communication of Scientific Research

University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 7-10 June 2016

The first Summer School in Communication of Scientific Research (CSR) in the Czech Republic


CSR: Communication of Scientific Research is different from the general communication of science, which implies the explanation of scientific matters to people who have not a scientific background (public and not specialized media).

"CSR" is a discipline dedicated to the professionals of science, people who do know the matter, as they study, do research and work in this context. It does not depend on the disciplines, as it is not based on the contents of science, but on the tools used to communicate.

"CSR" courses aim to start to fill a gap: a need for a more formal education on communication among young scientists.

Target: PhD students, post-doctoral fellows of different countries and disciplines (natural, social and human sciences)

Number of participants: maximum 20

Structure of the course: an intensive course of 4 days, with 6 hours per day, of theoretical and practical lessons dedicated to written and oral communication of scientific research

Language: English

History and more details

E-mail: csr16@ujp.zcu.cz


You can enjoy the city of Pilsen – The European Capital of Culture 2015