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Information for Students

Head Office and Office Hours

Head Office: Univerzitní 22, Room UU-304
Office hours for students are every day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Enrolling in courses

Students can enrol in courses of the Institute of Applied Language Studies during periods of university pre-enrolment.  After that, they can enrol in a course through their Study Department, where they can collect an application form.  The secretary of the Institute of Applied Language Studies confirms the filled-in and signed application form. The student submits the confirmed application form to their Study Department. The decision on accepting the application is made by the individual faculties.

Failing an examination

At this university, students must earn a credit before they can take the examination which is required for some courses. The exam is especially important at level 6, since passing this level is required by some departments/faculties. If students received a credit, and then failed the exam at all attempts (max. 3), they must re-enrol in the same course. However, students can ask for recognition of the credit they received. If the credit is recognized, they do not have to attend the classes of the course again, but can take the exam only.

Confirmation of language competencies

A confirmation of language competencies, e. g. for mobility needs, is provided by teachers who know the student. 

Recognition of courses and certificates

Students can request that similar language courses studied elsewhere, or international language certificates, be recognized as substituting for Institute courses.  Students collect an application form from their Study Department and submit the filled-in and signed application form to the secretary of the Institute of Applied Language Studies. Language certificates must not be older than two years. While the Institute may express agreement or disagreement with the recognition, the final decision is made by the individual faculties.